Warmly Inscribed, The Donkey Inside

[Warmly Inscribed] Bemelmans, Ludwig. The Donkey Inside. Fourth Printing. 1941. Book and dust jacket are both in very good condition. Book is inscribed by Bemelmans, “To dear Skipper, to buy if she likes it***With much love and very inadequate thanks for all your endless help and encouragement for Mimi and me at this time. Ever, Your *** “Lady,” February 12th—1941—.”

To read of one of Ludwig Bemelmans colorful travelogues means leaving the earth and entering Bemelmans’ vivid imagination. In this installment, Bemelmans makes his interpretation of South America come alive, with stops in the Andes, the Amazon rain forest, and Patagonia, to name just a few. The source was six large notebooks Bemelmans kept from three separate expeditions he made there. Included are a few full color plates, one of which is a fantasy two-page spread about what New York’s Luchow’s Restaurant might look like if transplanted to the Amazon.

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