The Beautiful People’s Beauty Book

Pignatelli, Princess Luciana. The Beautiful People’s Beauty Book. First Edition. 1971. Book is in very good condition; jacket is in good condtion—jacket shows rubbing, creasing, and fraying.

They say that when in Rome do as the Romans do. Princess Pignatelli, a leading member of Rome’s midcentury glitterati, makes the case that one should do as the Romans do even when not in Rome. In this jet set beauty book, she mixes her own advice with that of friends such as Marella Agnelli, Valentino, Sophia Loren, Consuelo Crispi, Talitha Getty, Emilio Pucci, and Princess Ira von Furstenberg. In addition to the expected chapters on plastic surgery, diet, make-up, and fashion, there is one on how astrology can be utilized to complete one’s look. 

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